AUCU endorses the demonstration called to highlight Wood Group’s complicity in Israeli government policies of discrimination practiced against the Palestinian people.  We are deeply concerned at Wood Group’s failure to respond to important questions posed by AUCU relating firstly to the Ashkelon power plant’s servicing of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and secondly regarding what measures Wood Group had put in place to avoid discriminatory employment practices.

UCU Aberdeen


The Public & Commercial Services union (PCS) joins the call on the Wood Group, contracted to build the Dorad Power Station, to end its complicity with Israeli apartheid and occupation. PCS has long campaigned for the rights of Palestinian people; the Israeli occupation impacts on the Palestinian economy and therefore the lives of workers and their families.

Lynn Henderson, PCS Scottish secretary


Brothers and Sisters. On behalf of organised labour in Ireland I would like to convey our solidarity to the people of Palestine in their struggle for justice. We also support the campaign of BDS  against the occupation of Palestine by Israel, we support the call on the Woods Group to withdraw from investing in the occupation of Palestine.

John Douglas, President, Irish Congress of Trade Unions


“UNITE the Union fully supports the protest in Aberdeen today organised by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Committee. We welcome the campaign demanding that Wood Group end its involvement in supporting institutions that are perpetuating discrimination, settlement building and illegal occupation. Building a power station in Ashkelon is so directly linked to institutions of human rights abuses such as the Israeli Defence Forces and this could  leave  Wood Group open to allegations that they are  complicit with these on-going justices. Wood Group’s claims that this is only the start of its projects in Israel also allows us to conclude  that the company is putting profit before the  human suffering of the Palestinian people. We remain steadfast in solidarity with the people of Palestine as they suffer under the occupation of their land. This is why there is a need to  protest against companies like Wood Group especially  in the face of injustices faced by workers and their families on the other side of the world.”

Len Mccluskey, General Secretary, Unite the Union


Friends of the Earth supports the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination and against occupation. Friends of the Earth Scotland has endorsed the call of Palestinian civil society for Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions against Israel. We condemn the Wood Group’s involvement in the construction of a power plant in Israel, which contributes to the ongoing environmental injustices and violation of human rights of the Palestinian people.

Friends of the Earth


“Did you know that while your life depends on power, people in the Gaza strip today will get power for less than 12 hrs and have to power up the rest of the night by candles or diesel generators after the Israeli government targeted the sole power plant and imposed a blockade that has lasted for over seven years? Did you know that when the lights are out, Palestinians can see nearby Israeli-lit areas from inside Gaza city? Say NO for this inhumane treatment and boycott companies that power Israeli settlements”

Rafat Abushaban, grassroots activist, Gaza


Dundee Trades Union Council fully supports the ongoing campaign to demand that the Wood Group ends its complicity with the Israeli Government’s policies of discrimination and isolation against the Palestinian people, demonstrated by its involvement in the Ashkelon Power Station project. 35 years ago Dundee TUC moved the first motion at the STUC Congress to call for the self determination of the Palestinian people, and was a participant in the process which led Dundee City to twin with Nablus in the West Bank in 1981. Since that time, Scottish civic society has demonstrated again and again its demand for justice for the Palestinian people. DTUC therefore condemns the Wood Group’s complicity, for its own financial gain, in the Apartheid oppression of Palestinians.

Dundee TUC


The Iona Community sends greetings and best wishes for your campaign against the Wood Group’s support for the apartheid regime in Israel/Palestine.

In 2012 the Iona Community hosted a gathering of Christians which reflected on how we might respond to the Kairos Palestine document calling for a just and lasting peace, an end to oppression and injustice against the Palestinian people and for a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against the State of Israel. As a member organisation of the network, Kairos Britain, which emerged from this we support your action and other actions in support of BDS.

Rev’d Peter Macdonald. Leader, The Iona Community