Investing in Occupation

As the Wood Group-built station is Israel’s first private power station we know exactly who is purchasing the electricity, demonstrating the extent to which Wood Group is complicit in its involvement with apartheid Israel. 

The Wood Group plant will be sold to the following institutions, all of which play a major role in either enforcing, perpetuating and/or servicing occupation and apartheid.


The Israeli Ministry of Defence is the central government ministry with responsibility for the enforcement of the brutal military occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. This involves regular shootings, beatings, arrests, imprisonment without trial, torture, and numerous other egregious human rights abuses. In addition, the Ministry of Defence, through the ‘Israel Defence Force’, is directly responsible for the massacres which have taken place in the Gaza Strip in recent years as well as the ongoing routine killings of Gazans in the fields and fishing waters at the Strip’s boundaries.


Mekorot is heavily involved in the theft of Palestinian water resources and the apartheid water system. Jewish-Israeli settlers living in illegal colonies have uninterrupted and unlimited access to clean water while Palestinians have a water supply severely limited the occupation’s control over resources, the destruction of their wells, and the denial of decision-making power over their own water[1]. Severe droughts affect Palestinians in summer months, while the supply to Israel’s colonies by Mekorot continues. These droughts, which are created by the apartheid water system, deny Palestinians the basic human rights to health, adequate housing, equality, and ability to benefit from their own natural resources[2].


Keter Plastic and its subsidiary Lipski are Israeli companies manufacturing plastic garden and household items. They both have factories in Barkan Industrial Zone, close to the settlements of Barkan and Ariel, in the occupied West Bank[3]. Keter Plastic’s products also retail under the brand name Black and Decker[4]. The energy produced by Wood Group’s power plant will therefore be directly powering illegal Israeli settlement enterprises.