Wood Group’s pathetic response must not go unchallenged!

It’s almost a year now since the Wood Group CEO Bob Keiller was directly made aware of the serious concerns Aberdeen SPSC have about Wood Group’s business with the Apartheid State of Israel. At start of 2015 SPSC gave engagement with the company another chance, meeting with Mr Keiller and explaining in further detail why Wood Group’s business in Israel is entirely inconsistent with their “core values”.  The vacuous response of Mr Keiller, on behalf of Wood Group, is given below.  It can be concluded that like so many other companies involved in the Oil and Gas industry Wood Group is merely paying lip service to such concepts as social responsibility – nothing more than greenwash. But as SPSC members made clear to Wood Group shareholders at last year’s AGM, we are not going to go away until Wood Group publicly announce that they will no longer do any further business with Israel.

Many thanks for your letter following our meeting with SPSC representatives on 13 January 2015.  

The meeting and the content you shared following the meeting provided us with a better understanding of SPSC concerns.  

As discussed and agreed with SPSC representatives at the meeting, we will use relevant information and applicable guidelines, laws and regulations and our own Core Values to guide us if conducting business in Israel. 

Our Core Values are at the heart of our business.  They define who we are, how we work, what we believe in and what we stand for.  They guide how we act and how we expect to be treated, providing a sound basis for decisions.  Therefore we do not feel we need to make specific statements over and above this, which was discussed with SPSC representatives during our meeting. 


Bob Keiller, Chief Executive Officer

Join the protest against Wood Group’s complicity in apartheid Israel:

9.30am May 13th 2015 – Trafalgar House, Hareness Road, Altens, Aberdeen (contact aberdeen@scottishpsc.org.uk for more details)